Winho V430x1000 - universal lathe

Technical data:

Processing scope: D400x1000 mm
Digital distance meter on 3 axes

Optimum S500L CNC lathe, with driven tools, 5 axes

Technical data:

Spindle bore Ø 66 mm**
Peak height/peak distance 1250 mm
Turning length* tool changer max.
750 mm Rotation Ø above the cross slide 450 mm
bed inclination 45°
Chuck diameter Ø 52 mm
Repeat accuracy ± 0.005 mm
X-axis 305 mm
Z-axis 750 mm

Optimum D360x1000 universal lathe equipped with a measuring system

Technical data:

D 360 x 1000
DPA 2000 S digital position display with speed display

Szechenyi 2020   etc
Szechenyi 2020 etc