About Us

Our Mission

We provide machineries for modern manufacturing technologies to serve the future development and generation.

Company Information

We have been involved in Design and Production of special purpose machines for nearly 20 years. Our services also include Planning and manufacturing of Electric control cabinets, Industrial automation for cooling technology and Machining.

Headcount of Konkoly corporate group has increased to 37 people due to our dynamic growth. Electrical and mechanical engineer colleagues, PLC programmers and technicians are highly educated and have many years of professional experiences.

Our constantly expanding and renewing company had generated 1,1 billion HUF Sales Revenue in the year of 2018.

Industries in scope:
Automotive- and Railway Suppliers
Domestic Appliance Companies
Companies dealing with Integration of Cooling Technology

Applied Technologies

  • Screwing (Robotic, Manual, Linear)
  • Pressing (small parts up to 1 ton)
  • Dispensing (single or two-component, greasing/lubrication)
  • Conveyor tracks (pallet, belt, chain)
  • Robot Automation (screwing, packing, checking)
  • Welding (spot welding, robot welding)
  • Soldering
  • Testing stations (with camera, measurement with sensors, piece sensing)

Quality Policy

Our company has been found to conform to the Quality Management System standard: ISO 9001:2015. This certificate is valid for the entire production process including design, construction and all the related documentation.

Introducing Industry 4.0 technology is our 2019 goal. Revision of our internal processes and improvement of the machinery fleet, supports the development of a system approach to become an agile and continuously growing company. We are a member of the National Technology Platform and actively involved in Strategic Planning, Manufacturing and Logistics, Industry 4.0 Experimental Systems Workgroups.

Our company has been found to conform the Bisnode „AAA” Certificate, which represents the highest creditworthiness. Our company is one of the most reliable business enterprises in Hungary with extremely low financial risk of establishing business relations.

We have met all the technical requirements of Modern Enterprise Program launched with the support of the European Union in February 2018. Our company has been found to conform the „Digitally Competent Business” certificate.

We are continually expanding the knowledge of our employees through professional trainings. We started our process and organization development activity in 2014, and continued this work with a dedicated employee from April 2018.

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