Design and Construction of special purpose machine

We optimize Design & Planning from a technical and economical point of view to meet specific requirements of our Customers. Our professional team examines the production task to be solved. We create the most efficient Manufacturing Process. Detailed Documentation is always made to ensure the continuity of our Customer’s production process after the on-site implementation. We provide Remote Monitoring in/over the time of Warranty if needed.

Project Managers provide full supervision and coordination throughout the process.

Process steps:

  1. Negotiation, Technical Consultation
  2. Contract
  3. Project Plan
  4. Mechanical Design, Electrical Planning, PLC Programming
  5. Design Review
  6. Production Planning
  7. Manufacturing of Spare parts
  8. Assembly
  9. Testing
  10. Pre-Approval of Product
  11. Documentation
  12. Delivery
  13. Implementing, training
  14. Remote Monitoring